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About me

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”
– Ansel Adams

My story

I am first and foremost a photographer but I am also a traveler, scuba instructor, and first aid trainer .

I am insured, was a member of the AIPP (until they dissolved), have WWC certification and current First Aid .

Travel has broadened my horizons with photography (as well as learning new cultures and meeting new people) and I am always looking forward to my next trip.

I have have always liked seeing things that others may have missed - whether a camouflaged nudibranch while diving or a lizard hiding on a branch but now with my camera I can share these special moments with others.

For most of my working life I have been stuck behind a desk and I am now embracing the freedom of working for myself and getting out to do some further exploring of this wonderful planet.
Travel photos and shots of the natural world are fun to take but some of the best experiences I have had with this occupation come from the people I meet. The portrait shoots I have done have been amazing and I really hope to do lots more into the future.

Looking forward to shooting more, traveling more, and meeting more wonderful folks.

Self portrait of Scott

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