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So, you have contacted Scott Jamieson Photography (SJP) to request a shoot or you have responded to a call by SJP for models, what will happen now?

Before the shoot

Once it has been decided that SJP is going to take your photos the first step is a discussion to clarify several points – this may be done online via messenger or Instagram DMs but may also be a face-to-face meeting over a coffee in a public space (usually of your choosing) or a phone call/zoom meet.

The discussion will include things such as:

    • What sort of photos are to be taken?
    • Is there a specific theme of the shoot?
    • Are you wanting the photos for a specific purpose?
    • Are there specific costume requirements (and who is to provide them)?
    • Location, date, and time of the shoot
    • How long the shoot is to go for
    • What is being offered in terms of images to be provided – digital, print, package?
    • Terms of payment – when and how much. (if not TFP)
    • Usage of the images once shot and edited (what is allowed / not allowed)
    • Any limits
    • Invitation to bring a friend or family member for support


During this discussion either party is free to decide that this is not going to work for them

If there are no issues, then a retainer fee may be requested at this time (for non TFP shoots) and payment options discussed

Two days before the shoot SJP will contact you to confirm time and location.

Day of the shoot

SJP will aim to be at the location decided at least 30 minutes prior to the shoot (where possible) and will identify any issues, or hazards that may be present (Risk Assessment) prior to commencement of the shoot. Please do not be late

Prior to the shoot starting it is expected that you will sign a CovidSafe declaration and will sign a model release or contract which will cover the points discussed during the pre-shoot discussion.

SJP may bring a photography/lighting assistant to the shoot. If present, this person will (usually) be female – if you have any issue with this please let SJP know prior to your day of shoot.

You are welcome to bring a friend or family member to the shoot, however:

  • If they are disruptive, or abusive SJP reserves the right to cancel the shoot
  • They must not be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol
  • No photos will be taken that include this additional person unless by prior arrangement

Shoot will progress under the terms of the contract and discussion

If at any time during the shoot you feel uncomfortable, please let SJP know and adjustments may be made.
If you still feel uncomfortable you can call an end to the shoot.


The shoot may be cancelled by SJP prior to or during the shoot for the following reasons:

  • Safety of SJP staff or model is compromised, or could be
  • Failing to follow a safety instruction
  • Abuse toward SJP staff (physical or verbal)
  • Risk of damage to equipment
  • Requested change to any element of agreed details which goes beyond any discussed limits.
    • Additional disclaimer may need to be signed if the shoot continues with changes to agreed details.

During the shoot you can expect absolute professionalism from SJP.
The photographer will not touch to position you in poses or to adjust clothing without absolute consent – they will direct and guide you, where necessary. Feel free to laugh at ridiculous positions that the photographer may end up in whilst attempting to demonstrate poses.

Shoot will conclude at either the agreed time or at another time by mutual agreement.

After the shoot

Photos will be reviewed and depending on the shoot either a time for a further meetup and viewing will be arranged (at which point a selection of edited photos will be available) or a selection of photos will be lightly edited, and a proof sheet sent to you for you to choose the shots that you want to be fully edited and provided in the manner agreed during the initial consultation.

Photos beyond the agreed upon number, or in formats different to agreement, will be available for purchase.

Please do not harass the photographer to rush your images, selection and editing is a process that should not be hurried – this is to ensure you get images you will love.

Once you have received your images please feel free to use them in whatever manner was agreed but, when provided with digital images, please do not post anywhere with filters added – photographers spend a lot of time with editing and feel disappointed if you do not like the images the way they are provided. Also note that if agreement was for digital images only, these will not be suitable for printing.

If you have enjoyed the process SJP really appreciates testimonials and reviews and loves to be tagged if you post digitals on social media.

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