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Welcome - Self portrait of Scott JamiesonWelcome to my new blog. I decided it was time to try and be a little more interactive with the visitors to my site. As a result I have started up this blog. You are welcome to check back frequently for updates.

Hopefully in the coming weeks, months etc (particularly while we are in isolation) I will be adding blogs here with details of different shoots I have done, new techniques I have learned and, once we are free to mingle even the occasional model call, basically whatever takes my fancy

The site will go through fairly regular change and updates, as I have time to devote to this. Unfortunately at this point in time I wear all hats for this business and web design just does not hold as much interest for me as photographing or editing does.

In the meantime please take a look around the site and enjoy the content … for more of my (more frequently) updated content you could also check out my FaceBook or Instagram pages which can be found by clicking the links below.

Stay safe folks

 Scott Jamieson
Owner and Photographer

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